Sunday, 22 April 2012

I think I want to marry you

From being bed bound due to the flu to attending a magical wedding this weekend - I feel I've literally done it all! And right now my body is definitely feeling the affects. I'm tired, slightly emotional and feel very sluggish. I will sleep extremely well tonight, although I have a lot to think about. So maybe not?

Anyway, I've had my hair done which was in desperate need of a cut. Even after having two inches off the load, everyone still says how long it is! It was weird actually, I was thinking about my hair when getting it done and I figured all the things I hated about myself as a child are now the only things I actually like about myself: ginger hair, thick hair and long hair. Nightmare growing up - knots, bullying and attempting to dry it took what seemed like I'm ginger and proud and really thank god about the fact I have lots of hair!!

The wedding I went to was absolutely wonderful. Just made me all excited for planning mine. Although I yet to have a man in my life, nor do I think I'm ready for marriage, but still...I'm only a girl, I get excited about these things!

Wearing all Zara, including shoes. A peace bracelet from Topshop and my Thomas Sabo charm bracelet.

I fell in love with my outfit when I spotted the pieces from Zara this week! The peach feathered skirt is so much fun and very fitting with the pastel colours in right now! The shoes are black suede, Zara Basics - amazing! Cheap but so so beautiful and comfortable too! Really love getting dressed up for events, and this event was so brilliant, it made it even more worth it! I know I wasn't the one getting married, but still, I felt like a princess for the day. Happy days.

My Mum and I having the time of our lives in the photo booth at the wedding!

They had a photo booth at the evening party which was held by which I'd recommend to anyone having a party or a wedding because it is just so much fun and you get photos that you'll remember and be able to laugh at forever! The photos are hilarious, especially after a few too many vinos...!

I have so much on my mind right now that I need some sort of weekly plan. If I don't plan I will feel very unsteady. I know that decision making is not my forte, I wish I could employ someone to make  my decisions for me...oh and to do my hair daily! I think that would solve all my problems.

Hope you all enjoyed your week!



  1. I'm so glad you had fun!
    You look so pretty, as always!
    Liked the dress; simple yet very stylish!

    Btw; you have an amazing mom! ;)

    1. Thanks Joe :) You've joined blogger? Are you going to start a blog then?!

  2. My pleasure! :)

    Well.. About that, actually I just want to tell how pretty you are! ^^'
    And I don't know if I could keep up with bloging! :P I'm Gemini after all!! ;P plus, my English is not that well! :D