Thursday, 29 March 2012

Get your pulse racing


Something you keep in a box on the street

Day 8 : What I want to do when I grow up

So it seems a little silly as I am 21 (technically 'grown up') however, my head still functions as if I'm a child so I still answer this question as if I am 12.
When I 'grow up' I want to act in films and television dramas and on the stage as I love to dance and sing in musicals also!
Preferably in performances of Spring Awakening, We Will Rock You, Matilda, Hairspray and Little Shop of Horrors.
Then in films similar to characters that Dakota Fanning or Kate Winslet plays.

Day 9 : Favourite Book

Well, people may hate me for it, but I was a lover of Twilight! 
But I have many other favourite books such as Nineteen Minutes, The Pact, and The Lovely Bones.
I love to read!

Day 10 : Where am I from

Cheshire, United Kingdom

Day 11 : How old am I