Friday, 13 April 2012

Talkative tea

So considering the day is over and I didn't receive any bad news, nor did I get hit by a flying car or eaten by a pelican...In fact I actually had a lucky day! I won £10 (ok not masses...but still!) on a scratch card! I never buy them, so it was fate. 13 you lucky number you!

I visited Portobello Market today. It was sunny and I was wearing a winter coat. Disaster! But anyway, it was lovely. I had my sunnies on, bought about 8 magazines (including my Kate Moss 1998 Vogue) and even visited Hummingbird Bakery. Treat or what!

I had Carrot cake. A little too sweet but still, it was yummy.

I had a wonderful day, I truly did. It just makes me so happy to be back in London. The buzz here, the creative flow in the air and the constant people-seeing is just amazing for me. I adore being a busy-bee!

Tomorrow or I should say today, I have an even busier day. Back at Pineapple Dance studios, shopping for costume (for a play I'm in), seeing my Momma in London town for drinks and then out with my amazing group of friends in the evening...

Life is good, life is very good.

Plus my tea just told me to 'Sing with your heart' and I feel it's a life lesson learnt...taught by my talkative tea. Oh simple joys.

I hope everyone had a lucky friday the 13th, no one deserves bad days!


Talented traffic


I will become what I deserve



So it's Friday the 13th. I'm freaking out. 
Not only is it a scary/unlucky day, but for me potentially even worse...I broke a mirror yesterday. Yes, you read it correctly...I broke a mirror. That's what? 7 years bad luck? As if I need that!!
So I'm treading on thin ice today, so nervous that I'll be hit by lightening or chased by a bull or maybe even poisoned by my seemingly nice housemates...Right now I believe anything could happen! 

I've decided a nice calm yoga class in central london may help the nerves finished off with a quick trip to Portobello Road for a bit of fashion stalking and then off to Wholefoods Market for dinner. I'm not sure who I think I am, but to hell with it, my student loan comes in Monday so I'll treat myself.

I shall report back later my lovelies.

What's your Friday plan?
Wish me luck. Please. I need it.