Monday, 23 April 2012

Naked and Famous

Happy St.George's Day all...It's a Monday, the sun is shining and I'm holding on to the hope that this week will be sunny, smiley and lots of fun! 

I spent my evening drooling over all the items I wish to order from Nasty Gal. Yet I don't think spending £400 on clothes right now is quite plausible. Although part of me would argue does demand my purse and the giving up of more important bills and food! But I don't really have the money to spend right now. So all is on my wish list instead! Although I may order some new sunnies... The House Of Harlow Chelsea Shades in Leopard as they are just to die for!

How incredible? Nasty Gal is my new favourite online shop...Check it out here

 Anyway, as usual I've woken up to a large mug of coffee and a few episodes of 90210 first season. Living the life. I have dance this evening, back in London town. I'm ready to work my tired ass off, it's been far too long and I can feel the affects already! It's April, nearing May and I want to start booking holidays and festivals, sorting summer out and getting a bod worth flaunting on the beach. Wish me luck.