Tuesday, 16 October 2012


SO. On Monday I begun my Personal Training course! It's Tuesday and I am dead. I think I am coming down with something & my muscles are seriously sore...I am waddling!! However...I LOVE it. The course, the people, the environment and the actual fact that I'm really engaging my brain and my pushing my physical fitness makes me so happy and motivated. 

Being an intensive course means I have a bloomin lot to learn in very little time, so I am extremely sleepy with a brain of mashed potatoes right now! I feel so inspired though, and the fact that I am making positive changes while doing such a healthy and positive course makes life that little bit more enjoyable and relaxed. 

I have goals. I have aims. I have routines. I have revision. I have homework. BUT. I have a social life. I have a love life. I have fun. I chill out.
and wow I feel good for it, finally getting that balance right I think!

I encourage you all to get the balance right, being healthy, happy, positive and challenged keeps you going I believe.