Thursday, 22 March 2012

Skinny Love

Day 5 : Favourite Place

If I was to take this literally, I would go with somewhere beautiful, peaceful and inspiring such as the streets of a greek island or on a beach in Koh Tao. However, I could also say Home. But more importantly, for isn't where you are that makes it my favourite place, it's who you are with. I am a people person. I love to have my alone time, but friends make my world. Therefore friends make my favourite places, my favourite places!

Day 6 : Favourite Drink

Non-alcoholic - coffee
Alcoholic - espresso martini 

Day 7 : Favourite Movie

Ok. This is a question I usually dodge. I hate it. There's way too many. All the movies I own are my favourites, or else I wouldn't own them! 
If I were to pick a select few I would say:
The Virgin Suicides
The Parent Trap
The Little Mermaid
Finding Nemo
Man On Fire
Girl, Interrupted
Uptown Girls
...Ok I said a select few...
(already getting carried away!!)
Basically, I love films. I love all kinds of films. From disney to horror, period drama to psychological - I love them all!!!


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