Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Bruges you're beautiful!

So Tom & I have recently come home from our lovely little trip away to Bruges and I wanted to blog about this just to show you how beautiful Bruges is & hopefully to persuade you to put it on your wish list!

We found a trip on Secret Escapes and although neither of us had used the company before, we decided to give it a try and to our absolute delight, the trip was a huge success! Secret Escapes really did live up to it's luxurious promise!

He fell asleep!
When we arrived off the Eurostar we happily hopped onto a local train from Brussels to Bruge and it took about 50 minutes to get there. It was all very easy to do and considering we're now adults, I think we coped quite well with it all! Then we grabbed a taxi from the station to our hotel, which only took 5 minutes or so and once we arrived, the lengthy journey was all worth it.

We arrived at Hotel Dukes Palace and my oh my it was gorgeous! It kind of reminded Tom and I of something from Harry Potter or a fairytale with it's stunning gate and castle like building at the front of the hotel. Once checking in, we were so giddy to see our room that we didn't read any signs or follow anyones advice and we ended up stuck in the lift for about 5 minutes pressing the emergency alarm and everything! You have to press your room key against the lift button to get anywhere, we clearly missed that sign (silly us!).
The bathrobes were enormous!!
Our room was big, spacious and very well laid out. Very comfortable bed, black out curtains and a lovely mirror in the bathroom, perfect for my make up and hair in the mornings! My only disappointment was they gave us a bathroom which only contained a shower, and I love my baths (dammit!).

So whilst we were there we ate far too much food and drank far too much beer. Which is quite hilarious as I don't even typically like beer, however, the fruit beer I found was too good to miss! Extremely delicious chips (naughty) in Bruges, along with mussels, steak, waffles and hot chocolate. You have got to see the video of our hot chocolates...

Waffles & Hot Chocolate!
We will be back, definitely somewhere we would consider going back with young children for a nice break away with friendly locals and workers along with easy-going and accessible tourist attractions.

Bruges, we'll be back soon, we love you!

Jessica Xx

So I went away & now I'm back


Sorry it's been so long, life had me all caught up & I think I gave up a little bit. Shame really as I want this blog to go places so I should really pull my socks up & give time to it. I am going to promise to myself right here right now to blog as often as possible and to make it amazing. Who wants anything less than amazing!?

So what's been going on with me since last blog post:

I have moved in with my long term boyfriend, the one I met at Uni, fell head over heels for & is now the love of my life.

I couldn't be happier with my situation. Tom & I are happy, like fairytale happy. Apart from a few normal hiccups, we're over-the-moon-reach-for-the-stars kind of happy!

I got an assistant manager job at my long standing (well 2 years) job in retail. Ok, so it's nothing special & it isn't my career, but everyone's got to start somewhere hey?! It pays the bills & I love what I sell. And for those of you ever feeling down about your situation, do what I'm doing now and promise yourself it's just a stepping stone to something even better. Be proud of where you are now and be determined to get where you want to be.

I'm 24, feeling quite 'grown up' and mature, turning 25 this year. Half of 50. WOW. Is it time for babies yet!? (hehe)

A few more members of the family have been born (nieces x3, nephew x1) and one more on the way. A couple more weddings including one this Halloween and one next summer. Some trips, travels, festivals and adventures been had and more to come.

Me & my beautiful cuz at a Yoga loving hippie festival Summer 2014

I will be blogging about my recent trips to Scotland & Bruges, along with loads more. So watch this space!! 

Jessica Xx