Saturday, 12 May 2012

Saturday is my day

Saturday is coming to a close and although I have literally done nothing today, I feel as though I've achieved a lot. Plus I have enjoyed my nothing-ness day! It's as if I really needed a day like today. My head feels clear, my room is clean, I am happy and I know I'll have lots of lovely sleep tonight!

Today, as I said, hasn't been filled with lots of major plans - however I seem to have done a few bits and bobs and just made it a very leisurely saturday. It has indeed been wonderful.

I popped to do my food shop and picked up some others bits and bobs to keep me entertained today!

Oh the colours are too pretty!

I chose 208 PAPARAZZI for my girlie mood

Then I went wild and added some sparkles...I think I'm still a 6 year old girl!

I had my performances of Animal Farm yesterday, which to my very surprise, actually went ok! I admittedly did not enjoy the whole process of being in that play, however, the performances were fun and the audience appeared to enjoy themselves. It wasn't the best show of the week, I know that! However, to have made everyone laugh and knowing everyone in that audience smiled that evening because of us - well that's enough for me! It's over now anyway and I am very happy to say that for my last project at East 15 Acting school I have been picked by the brilliant director Hamish Gray (who has recently been in Salmon Fishing In The Yemen) to be in I Remember Mama by John Van Druten! Plus I am working with my best friends on it as we were all picked by him (privileged!). This news has made my weekend!

I bought this bubble bath purely because of this little quote on the bottle! (I love it!) Oh, and it smells divine.

I made a yummy smoked salmon dinner mmm

This song is amazing to put on when meditating & relaxing

I did a short amount of yoga & meditation to get me sleepy before bed

And now Saturday is over and I'm in bed watching Friends. The little things are what something every day to make yourself smile. It makes a world of difference!

And now I'm watching Friends in bed with a Vanilla tea!

I hope everyone has had a relaxing saturday too.

Night night sweet dreams!