Wednesday, 7 August 2013


Last night I went to see Charlie & The Chocolate Factory The Musical at Drury Lane Theatre London. The reviews I had seen before going weren't too inspiring so I kind of went with a very open mind and no expectations. I can't believe it now - why would people review it badly?!?! It's seriously magically theatrically incredible!!! Everything from the chocolate fountain to the glass lift is in the production and these iconic parts of the film are done so well on stage that it makes the story come alive right in front of your eyes. I'd love to go back and see it again! Those children are very talented, and WOW Willy Wonka is a perfect casting. 

I also went to dance last night right before the theatre - little rushed, and I arrived at the theatre all sweaty and red, but hey ho I'm so glad I went! My teacher is so supportive and it makes me want to constantly better myself as a dancer. Realistically, to better myself I need to be going to a ballet class at least once a week to help my turn out and basic techniques, then to my jazz at least twice a week and then a yoga class for flexibility once a week as well as the gym twice or three times a week to do weight training. That would be ideal. BUT, work somehow loves to get in the way! URGH. Growing up, working, living in the 'real' world really does suck sometimes. It makes me really want to go back and study for a little longer!!! (hmmm...)

I'm going to a Pilates class tonight at Sweaty Betty after work which should be good. I'll miss not going to dance today - but I'll go again Thursday if I can!! Just had my bowl of goodness and now onto my morning coffee, lovely!

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Days off are the best

Yesterday was an amazing day. Not only was it my first day off in 8 days, I also went back to dance classes after over a year off from it. It was pretty scary, but as soon as I got there and realised not a lot has changed but my technique (which I am willing to work on) I relaxed into it and I literally was in love with every second there. What truly made my night, was the teacher from Pineapple had not forgotten me - "Long time no see Jessica, good to have you back" - I was so shocked, and hugely flattered!

we did a routine to Lissie When I'm Alone

I had a fun day off re-arranging my room, drawers and wardrobe - throwing out lots of old clothes to hopefully at some point, replace with some new! Then I went to my beloved WholeFoods and bought my monthly must-haves which include:

Udos Choice Ultimate Oil Blend
Never have I ever had such spot-free, smooth skin and a clear complexion before, these capsules really have worked for me, I swear by them.

JASON tea tree body wash
What a lovely body wash - really nourishing plus it has no parabens!! It's filled with wholesome ingredients only - love that!

Chia Seeds
This is a new monthly must have for me, I have yet to try them but I want to get in on the chia-craze! So I think I'll try making a smoothie with them in :) how exciting!

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion
This is such a gorgeous body moisturiser, really helps on dry skin too - which I generally get on my arms for some reason!

Udos Choice Beyond Greens
This stuff has 33 superfoods, proteins from seeds and greens and tons of fibre...whats not to like?! Ok well, I have never tried it...I bought it new yesterday and today will be my first use. Soooo I will report back on this one. It may taste gross, but I'm willing to try it because it's full of the good stuff! Plus, after my success with Udos Choice, I really do believe in this brand!

Today is another day off, so I think I'll dance again, enjoy lots of lazying about then later on I'm off to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the theatre!!! 

Be beautiful.

Sitting in bed with Vogue September Issue, a bowl of granola and of course, my famous black coffee. 

Good Morning

Sometimes, I buy these magazines & I just flick through them, looking at pictures and not really taking much in. But this time, I am reading every single page, absorbing the pages & pages of fashion, celebrity and style. 

So far I've learnt that ballerinas attire will be in this season - with designers such as Lanvin and Nina Ricci sporting wrap around ballet cardigans and lots of ballet pink on the runway...That Cara Delevingne is just about the face of every single brand in Vogue at the moment, and if not her, it's Kate Moss (we know who to keep our eyes on!)...And that whatever job Miranda Kerr does, she shines - from being a Victoria Secret Angel (which could be so tacky if you really think about it) to being au natural and wearing nothing but oversized winter coats, she is an incredible model. The shoot is absolutely gorgeous, Alasdair McLellan did a beautiful job, as per usual (he has shot my brother before - how amazing is that!).

So taking my inspirations from my reads so far - today I'm going to dance, wearing leotards, wrap-arounds and the perfect amount of pink a red-head can pull off...tear up the magazine and create my photo board for the month & have a bit more fun with my eye make up today "Be bold. Be brave. Be beautiful." - Jessica Hogan. 
Create a playlist, read a magazine and drink lots of coffee. Enjoy!

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Go out
Get some coffee
Meet a friend
Smile at a stranger
Buy some flowers
Sing loudly in the car
Get to the gym
Dance all night long
Drink wine

Do whatever it is that makes you happy today, because you only live once.

Jessica Xx

Working Out

Mum has bought me a little present to say well done on job and so we get to spend some time together in between my crazy london life...Oh and when I say little, I mean big - Rihanna Diamonds World Tour tickets!!! Couldn't be happier. Thank-you Mummy!

This girl definitely works out. I adore her figure - so toned yet womanly! Such an inspiration to me right now. When I work out I put Rihanna's album on and imagine looking like her on the beach!! It keeps me motivated!! 

Last night I did a 5k then worked on my triceps, abs and chest. My wrist was playing up a little so didn't do as much weights as I would have wanted to. Don't want a blooming injury just before starting my first job!!
Going to the gym today, I'll do another 5k and then focus on legs, that ass and my abs again! Thinking for the next couple of weeks, I will try and fit in at least 3 5k's in each week. I love doing them, they make me feel really good afterwards. I sometimes feel that when I get to about 2k I want to give up, but I try my hardest to stay focused and then it suddenly kicks in - that easing off feeling and the feeling that you are doing something great. So I keep going! And it's bloody worth it in the end, I promise you!

In the gym I work out at at the moment, it has a juke box and a big cinema screen - you choose the music and the video plays in front of you - A-MAZING. So not only do I hear Rihanna's tunes, I see her - obviously that's a huge inspiration! Nothing like watching people with toned gorgeous bodies in front of you when you work out!!! If that doesn't keep you going, I don't know what would!

Right, off to listen to Rihanna and run! 
Jessica Xx

Friday, 8 March 2013

Big Smoke

Considering I'll be back in London in less than a month, I best get myself sorted. Got a lot of planning to do, house searching, money making and tick lists to complete! First off, location! Deciding on location is pretty damn hard, especially when your poor. All I'm asking for is a lovely 2 bedroom flat, spacious, clean, nice bathroom and kitchen, with a large living space and maybe parking ... is this too much to ask with £10 per month?! Just kidding. Well not about what would be ideal, as that would be perfect. However, I do require a safe area too, preferably in lovely west london with a balcony and pretty views, oh and close to a Wholefoods...OK now I'm definitely dreaming! Basically, what I want and what I can afford are obviously on two completely different scales, so I best get my thinking cap on (realistic one on too!) and get looking! Any wonderful suggestions??

So today I'm gyming it, that is once I've done everything else on my to-do list! I'm going to focus on upper body - chest, back and arms. Will fill you all in with my exercise routine in another post as considering I'm now a qualified personal trainer, I am definitely going to be posting more on exercise, health, nutrition and fitness! Just been sat here this morning reading the April issue of Health & Fitness, it's a really great read actually. This issue I really enjoyed - especially page 10 'Are We Too Vain?' article. It basically talks about the reasons people exercise and possibly that a lot of us begin exercise or do it for aesthetic reasons only. But, by changing the way you view exercise - you should see many more health benefits and gains, plus you're much more likely to stick with your exercise plans for life rather than as a short term fad. A little something, something to think about hey!

Enjoy your day
Jessica Xx

Thursday, 7 March 2013

It's Simple Darling

So, it's been a while since I've blogged. But I'm back. So less of the worrying ;)
I am proud to say I am now a qualified Personal Trainer, Zumba Instructor and Fitness Professional. And I had my first ever job interview the other day, in fact I had two, and I can not believe I am saying this, but I got both jobs!! So the choice is mine. W-O-W. Not only are they wonderful job offers for my first job, and a fantastic place to start my career, the location is a dream as the job is in Covent Garden!

Celebrate your successes with parties, wine and lots and lots of laughter 

As I have not blogged in a long time, I decided to take a look at my older posts, and strangely enough one of my first posts called 'No.4' told about what I would love to do before I die. Slightly morbid I know. But then again, to look at it now, it's quite nice to know I am able to put a tick by some of those things! I had written:

To have been to drama school, kept a blog going, fall in love, have children, get married, work with incredible directors, be silly, learn from my mistakes, buy a house, decorate it (many a times), eat without a care in the world, improve my singing, become the best dancer I can be, watch more films, work with robert pattinson (have sex with robert pattinson), be in Spring Awakening, eat meat again, make more friends, travel the world, find inner peace...The list is endless, I promise.

Ok, I have not had children, gotten married or had sex with Robert Pattinson BUT...

I now eat meat
My blog, although had a little break, is still going
I have fallen in love, been in a relationship for 8 months now and life is good
I watch more films, laugh more and I can say I have learnt from some of my mistakes

So all in all, I am achieving my life long dreams slowly but surely. As some things have changed, I am going to write a new one.