Thursday, 28 June 2012

"Untouched Paradise"

Photos from Julys edition of VOGUE of Karlie Kloss taken by Mario Testino. I adore his photography, he always seems to capture things so beautifully. 

quote from

"“Bahia is a little piece of heaven. It’s really an untouched paradise,” says model Karlie Kloss,who stars in the July issue’s “Brazilian Treatment”—the ten-page portfolio shot by Mario Testino for Vogue in celebration of all things sun and spa."

What do you think of these shots? I have fallen in love with the first one as she looks like a mermaid and considering my love for Ariel, I always have had a soft spot for mermaids! (I am one, that's why...) Also, the 'dancer-shot' is gorgeous. 

Which is your favourite, and why?


Most of us ain't Hollywood actors

I think it's time for a change.
Yes, I said it. I believe it. I mean it. I know it. (the list could go on). I haven't brought this decision on completely by myself, in fact I've had many wonderful people around me to help me make this huge decision. Some things have happened in the recent weeks that I wished had not happened but I can not live by regrets, nor can I turn back time so I may as well look to the future, live in the now and forget the bad that has recently been.

I came across this amazing site yesterday, just when I needed it the most. 
please read it, especially if you're needing a little 'pick-me-up'! 

I am ready to take on a new challenge. Whether this means I stay on the same path as I have been for years or diverting off in a different direction, who knows? This week I am preparing for lots of tears, upsets, arguments until I decide on a path I may be content with. I want to be an actress (and this will always stand) but right now, I need to focus on something a little more direct. I need to feel as though I am achieving something, getting somewhere and not feeling as lost as I've felt recently. Sometimes, when you are doing something so difficult such as trying to achieve a career as an actress, you can feel as though you take one step forward and another ten back. This, for me, right now isn't helping me in a personal way. I need to see some kind of progress, whether that's in a career sense, within a relationship or even just in myself, I just need to see it and feel it. Probably taking a while out of this harsh audition and rejection process I may gain something which I would never have gained if I didn't make this leap. I know, I will always want to do this. I want to be on stage, entertaining, performing, making people smile, laugh, cry...but maybe some time away will make it more possible than holding on in an unhealthy way. Plus, there's more to life. And the more of life I see, the better I will be in the end at this 'acting-thing'! Haha! But it's true, it isn't the end of me trying. It's just the beginning.


Are you a Believer?

Good morning you beautiful lot. I hope the sun is shining where you are, it is with me and my god it puts me in such a good mood. I'm starting to believe I have seasonal affective disorder! I think thats a good enough excuse to move to a hotter more exotic country than dull-weathered UK don't you?

silly me

Anyway, something a little more interesting! I went to see Ghost the Musical yesterday evening at the Piccadilly Theatre in London. I was a little sceptical about it as I have seen most of the bigger more popular musicals therefore I tend to have a high standard set when I go to see anything. But to my surprise, it was more than a success! I think the way they have developed the film into a musical is wonderful and so clever. When it's in a film, obviously it's a lot easier to show 'ghosts' and to portray Sam (the main character) unable to move things, but to do this on stage is almost impossible. Clearly not though as they definitely did it. They used illusions and 'magic' tricks in order for us to believe that his hand had just moved through the door for example. I was taken in by it, completely! It was magical.

As I have been at acting school I definitely picked up on some of the bad acting, or badly used techniques. The woman who played Whoopi Goldberg's character needed much more vocal training to fill out the expectations of how big her character is. But on the other hand her character development was beautiful and so funny to watch. I thought Mark Evans who played Sam was brilliant, his voice was divine, plus he is gorgeous!!! Siobhan Dillion who played Molly had an absolutely beautiful singing voice, it really got me when she sang 'With You'. 

This song really got me. Probably for many reasons right now, but also for the reason that she did it so beautifully. 

I cried an awful lot during the musical. I mean I had had two cocktails before the show and was having 'one of those days', but still! I realised a lot of people left the theatre with panda eyes, a lot of women running to the ladies room to check their make-up before going out onto the street! 

Go and see it if you get the chance, it's closing in October I think.