Thursday, 7 March 2013

It's Simple Darling

So, it's been a while since I've blogged. But I'm back. So less of the worrying ;)
I am proud to say I am now a qualified Personal Trainer, Zumba Instructor and Fitness Professional. And I had my first ever job interview the other day, in fact I had two, and I can not believe I am saying this, but I got both jobs!! So the choice is mine. W-O-W. Not only are they wonderful job offers for my first job, and a fantastic place to start my career, the location is a dream as the job is in Covent Garden!

Celebrate your successes with parties, wine and lots and lots of laughter 

As I have not blogged in a long time, I decided to take a look at my older posts, and strangely enough one of my first posts called 'No.4' told about what I would love to do before I die. Slightly morbid I know. But then again, to look at it now, it's quite nice to know I am able to put a tick by some of those things! I had written:

To have been to drama school, kept a blog going, fall in love, have children, get married, work with incredible directors, be silly, learn from my mistakes, buy a house, decorate it (many a times), eat without a care in the world, improve my singing, become the best dancer I can be, watch more films, work with robert pattinson (have sex with robert pattinson), be in Spring Awakening, eat meat again, make more friends, travel the world, find inner peace...The list is endless, I promise.

Ok, I have not had children, gotten married or had sex with Robert Pattinson BUT...

I now eat meat
My blog, although had a little break, is still going
I have fallen in love, been in a relationship for 8 months now and life is good
I watch more films, laugh more and I can say I have learnt from some of my mistakes

So all in all, I am achieving my life long dreams slowly but surely. As some things have changed, I am going to write a new one.