Wednesday, 7 August 2013


Last night I went to see Charlie & The Chocolate Factory The Musical at Drury Lane Theatre London. The reviews I had seen before going weren't too inspiring so I kind of went with a very open mind and no expectations. I can't believe it now - why would people review it badly?!?! It's seriously magically theatrically incredible!!! Everything from the chocolate fountain to the glass lift is in the production and these iconic parts of the film are done so well on stage that it makes the story come alive right in front of your eyes. I'd love to go back and see it again! Those children are very talented, and WOW Willy Wonka is a perfect casting. 

I also went to dance last night right before the theatre - little rushed, and I arrived at the theatre all sweaty and red, but hey ho I'm so glad I went! My teacher is so supportive and it makes me want to constantly better myself as a dancer. Realistically, to better myself I need to be going to a ballet class at least once a week to help my turn out and basic techniques, then to my jazz at least twice a week and then a yoga class for flexibility once a week as well as the gym twice or three times a week to do weight training. That would be ideal. BUT, work somehow loves to get in the way! URGH. Growing up, working, living in the 'real' world really does suck sometimes. It makes me really want to go back and study for a little longer!!! (hmmm...)

I'm going to a Pilates class tonight at Sweaty Betty after work which should be good. I'll miss not going to dance today - but I'll go again Thursday if I can!! Just had my bowl of goodness and now onto my morning coffee, lovely!