Tuesday, 27 March 2012

You possess rare beauty my love

Morning all. I hope everyone is well and happy. I have woken up, had a beautiful bowl of oatmeal and PB and lots of dried fruit. I am sat here in bed reading the April Elle UK and drinking coffee. Life is bliss, I must remind myself this.

I had one of my best friends 21st birthday yesterday. We had a brilliant time, I do hope she loved her presents & party! Lizzie & I bought her some beautiful Thomas Sabo earrings
How beautiful they are!!

And we also created a big bag of pick & mix sweets for her, choosing only her favourites. They looked so good I was tempted to get some myself. But I go to the cinema tomorrow so I saved myself!!

Lizzie (left) and myself at Leahs 21st at Gustos.

I've also spent my morning drooling over all the incredible new films coming out. It's making me terribly excited yet very envious that I'm still not in one! One day I will be...got to be positive!! 

I've decided to create some morning affirmations which I shall say to myself each day:
Every day in every way I will be happy.
Every day in every way I will be healthy.
Every day in every way I will find some enjoyment & laughter.
Every day in every way I will make my dream a reality.

Snow White and the Huntsman looks magical. My oh my I'm excited about this one! Bring on June 1st!!!

As I love Tim Burtons style and I am in fact in love with Mr. Johnny Depp - I expect this film to be brilliantly funny and creative! Oh and the cast is just lovely!!

And last but definitely not least, I am desperate to see Now Is Good starring one of my all time favourite young actresses Dakota Fanning. This trailer makes me cry so I can't even imagine what the film will do to me! I find Dakota fantastical to watch on screen. Everything she's ever done, she's done well. And I'm proud to say, although she's younger than me, she is one of my idols.