Thursday, 10 May 2012

Brought to life

Thanks Ed, you've made my night! 

Ed Sheeran Small Bump Official video.
I had to share this, because I love the man himself, this song and now the video too!


Now you're in my way

Wow. Bad day. In fact, not to be too negative, a terrible day. I had nightmares all night (and bloody real ones too...) therefore I had no sleep, woke up with bad thoughts and I haven't stop thinking about the nightmares all day. I feel so horrible.

Please, stay out of my dreams tonight. I beg you.

My lovely outfit. If only I had good legs!

Also, I am in a performance of Animal Farm tomorrow, which I'm fretting about. I hate the fact I have to be an animal and I hate the fact that it's tomorrow and we have yet to do a full run-through (would you believe it). The joys of having an unorganised director and drama school. I prefer to be organised, on-top of things and excited for a performance, other wise my anxiety levels are awful. Yay.

On a positive note...
I went shopping, bought a beautiful pair of shoes from River Island, visited the Disney shop (which always cheers me up), started making my friends birthday present & had a wonderful dinner with my best friend Sophie (who never ever fails to make me feel better). But this was at the weekend. So since then, things have gone a little down hill...

My lovely new shoes from River Island. I'm thinking they'll go beautifully with my leopard print 3/4 length dress!

Me (Ariel) and Sophie (Belle) at the Disney store. These dolls are on my wish list for sure!

Anyway, I hope tomorrow brings a better day. I need some good sleep, if anyone had wonderful sleeping advise I'd sure appreciate it! 

Night all