Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Fall at your feet

I'm a sucker for boys who can sing & play guitar. 

Ben Howard, Ed Sheeran & Bon Iver are all up there in my top five. 

So when I find out Ben Howard has done the most incredible cover of one of my secret favourite songs right now, I immediately think 'Share on blog NOW'! I do hope you all love this as much as I do...

Are you a fan?


Met Ball fashion 2012 part two

Winners (in my eyes)

Surely you'd all agree Kate Bosworth, Ashley Greene, Camilla Bella and Candice Swanepoel look incredible? I'd definitely be happy if I were them. They are rocking their looks in these snaps!


MET Ball fashion 2012 part one

I'm all about fashion, red carpet events and celebrity sightings. So I always look forward to the Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art!! The celebrities and fashion designers go all out, wearing daring dresses, fabulous head pieces and show stopping shoes. I die (in the words of Rachel Zoe). 

I am absolutely in love with Emma Stone. Not only is she a fellow red head (holla!) she is wearing red! Which to my surprise looks fabulous on her! I always think I definitely can not get away with red, but she has which makes me second guess my judgement here. Then again it is Emma Stone and I am not quite Emma Stone. So maybe not?! But anyway...this Lanvin red dress is to die for. Short and sweet. Girly yet strong and eye-catching. Beautiful Emma! Definitely Cinderella worthy.

Great photo of the incredible Emma Stone wearing Lanvin 

For someone who usually adores the style Alexa Chung rocks, I was throughly disappointed by her dress. It looked wrong with the white shirt underneath. When I saw her Twitter photo I thought maybe the shirt was under for some 'getting ready' reason, but I was sadly wrong. Hair looks beautiful, as does her make-up...flawless as always. If the dress did not have the shirt under, I'd probably be a fan. But no, the shirt is not working for me Alexa. Sorry! 

Unsure about the white shirt Miss Chung. 

Now Camilla Belle however...her dress = WOW. Her make-up = DIVINE. And her hair = ROMANCE.
I just think she blew the onlookers away. Breathtaking. I literally don't have a bad word about this look. Every little detail including the colours of the lips to the delicate earrings and the shimmery nails. Just 'mmm'. WINNER in my eyes.

Camilla Belle looking phenomenal.

Camilla Belle you win the Cinderella award. 

I WANT Jessica Stams' dress right now. I'd die for that dress, it's (I want to swear I'm that excited) amazing. BUT if I'm completely honest, whoever styled her did her make-up, hair and jewellery all wrong (in my opinion anyway!). I think with that amount of bracelets she does not need earrings. So take the earrings off! Cool, quirky bracelet overload (that I appreciate) but then her make-up-well mainly her eyes-look like she's been hit. She just looks very rough in the face if I'm honest! Plus I'm not keen on the hair. It's too dark and looks quite violent for this stunning, beautiful, decorative (YES I LOVE IT!) dress! It's a John Galliano for Christian Dior Haute Couture dress. And I want it. 

Jessica, loving the dress, hating the look. 

I will post my favourite looks next. 

Who killed you with their red carpet look?