Saturday, 28 April 2012

Everythings OK

It's a lazy Saturday. I feel good. Still in PJ's. Coffee in hand. Life is good.

I've also seen something today that has opened my eyes a little. And it made me feel good. I am one lucky girl with fantastic friends. I hope my friends know how much I'd do for them. I'd give them my life. 

Living in London is too much fun. (I know I don't suit red...It wasn't my colour preference)

I love having visitors in London but I've also realised I have some incredible friends here now too. I am slowly building a life in London, and trust me it's a good one! There's never a dull moment in the big smoke.

My beautiful girls. Loving my leopard print dress. Every girl should own a little leopard print!

Listen to this it will make you smile. I hope!

I'm not a fan of the cheesy dancing and faces but other than that, these lot are very talented!