Thursday, 2 April 2015

Tarts & Silks

Last week, I met up with Alex... She recently moved to London but we both have had so much on that we haven't had a moment to get together. She came up with a fantastic idea - to do something really fun, out of the usual and new to the both of us - to take part in an Aerial Silk class! With the class being physically demanding and new to us both, we had to concentrate on the task in hand and forget any worries or stresses we were holding onto. We giggled, we fell and we had an absolute blast. 

For first attempt I'd say I did alright! 
Gymnasts for the day!
We finished our Aerial session with very sore hands and extremely hungry bellies! But considering it's been so long since we've caught up, we must've walked another 90 minutes consumed in conversation before we sat down for food. We walked upon a beautiful little cafe called Tart  in Clapham. Oh WOW. Trust me when I say you have to visit this place - the tarts are delicious, such friendly and helpful staff and a great little hangout. Will definitely be going back there soon!

Butternut squash and goats cheese tart with a watermelon salad

Fresh out the oven treacle tart and a raspberry brownie (we shared!)
It was such a fun day out together and I'm now considering to take part in an Aerial Silks course!! We have pledged to see each other much more now we've settled a bit - so next week we're off to see Cinderella at the cinema and for anyone that knows me, you know I can never say no to a bit of Disney!!

Jessica Xx