Saturday, 14 July 2012

dance school

Next week, I begin a summer course at Laban Trinity Dance which I am ridiculously excited for. I have literally been sorting my dance attire out today and practising a few things as I feel I am so unfit and really not that flexible at the moment so I'm a tad scared I'll be terrible and stand out like a sore thumb! But fingers crossed this won't be the case. 

I'm going to take lots of photos over the next two weeks and hopefully then review my course and have more decisions made about whether I am strong enough to audition for dance schools etc. It's a tough one, but I think this course will help me see where I stand in the ranking!

Anyway, purely for my entertainment and hopefully some of you will enjoy it too, I have put together some beautiful photographs of incredible dancers to get me in the dancing-spirit (not that that is too hard!). Enjoy!



  1. I've always loved the ballet! I find it like magic!! Nothing is like the flying over the dreams or within the fantasy tales that we live when we look at one dance from the heart! And I am sure that you have a spirit made out of passion and charm! I would love to see the magic dust take you away from every thing hold you back! I wish you so much infinite unlimited luck! ;) You have my support as always! And thanks for the picture, it inspire even the people like me, those who can't fly! ^^


  2. You speak such wonderful words Joe, do you write at all?
    Thanks so much for all the support, it's lovely to know I have many people that believe in me :) X

    1. Aww! *^__^* I'm so glad that I could cheer you up my dear! :) As you might know I'm children's illustrator and I write my own fairy tales, some poems as well! Unfortunately nothing in English! :P
      It is always a great pleasure to support you! I am a FAN! ;) I like your blog's updates, it is my favorite cup of coffee! ;) X