Saturday, 14 July 2012

Hair issues

I have an issue. 
I can not decide whether or not to go back blonde/blonde-ish or stay my red colour.

This is me blonde.
What do we think?



  1. We'd think that you don't have an issue! But you have a PERFECT natural beauty! Every thing about you IS perfect!! You look glamorously charming with the blonde hair, just like the golden summer sun! Yet, you are beautifully amazing with the Celtic's rose look!! We look at one face of the moon and we still love it, what if that pretty moon have changed the look every once and while?! ;)
    I would say: what ever pleased you will be the decision you should take! :) I know that was not the kind of help you might ask for, but how could we decide whether if the moon is the most beautiful or is it the sun?!! ^^


    1. What beautiful words Joe, thank you very much! It has helped! I hope you're doing well X

    2. Thank you my sweet lady Jessica! I wish you all the best my dear! And thanks for asking, everything is like a swiss clock! X