Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Be beautiful.

Sitting in bed with Vogue September Issue, a bowl of granola and of course, my famous black coffee. 

Good Morning

Sometimes, I buy these magazines & I just flick through them, looking at pictures and not really taking much in. But this time, I am reading every single page, absorbing the pages & pages of fashion, celebrity and style. 

So far I've learnt that ballerinas attire will be in this season - with designers such as Lanvin and Nina Ricci sporting wrap around ballet cardigans and lots of ballet pink on the runway...That Cara Delevingne is just about the face of every single brand in Vogue at the moment, and if not her, it's Kate Moss (we know who to keep our eyes on!)...And that whatever job Miranda Kerr does, she shines - from being a Victoria Secret Angel (which could be so tacky if you really think about it) to being au natural and wearing nothing but oversized winter coats, she is an incredible model. The shoot is absolutely gorgeous, Alasdair McLellan did a beautiful job, as per usual (he has shot my brother before - how amazing is that!).

So taking my inspirations from my reads so far - today I'm going to dance, wearing leotards, wrap-arounds and the perfect amount of pink a red-head can pull off...tear up the magazine and create my photo board for the month & have a bit more fun with my eye make up today "Be bold. Be brave. Be beautiful." - Jessica Hogan. 
Create a playlist, read a magazine and drink lots of coffee. Enjoy!

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