Friday, 8 March 2013

Big Smoke

Considering I'll be back in London in less than a month, I best get myself sorted. Got a lot of planning to do, house searching, money making and tick lists to complete! First off, location! Deciding on location is pretty damn hard, especially when your poor. All I'm asking for is a lovely 2 bedroom flat, spacious, clean, nice bathroom and kitchen, with a large living space and maybe parking ... is this too much to ask with £10 per month?! Just kidding. Well not about what would be ideal, as that would be perfect. However, I do require a safe area too, preferably in lovely west london with a balcony and pretty views, oh and close to a Wholefoods...OK now I'm definitely dreaming! Basically, what I want and what I can afford are obviously on two completely different scales, so I best get my thinking cap on (realistic one on too!) and get looking! Any wonderful suggestions??

So today I'm gyming it, that is once I've done everything else on my to-do list! I'm going to focus on upper body - chest, back and arms. Will fill you all in with my exercise routine in another post as considering I'm now a qualified personal trainer, I am definitely going to be posting more on exercise, health, nutrition and fitness! Just been sat here this morning reading the April issue of Health & Fitness, it's a really great read actually. This issue I really enjoyed - especially page 10 'Are We Too Vain?' article. It basically talks about the reasons people exercise and possibly that a lot of us begin exercise or do it for aesthetic reasons only. But, by changing the way you view exercise - you should see many more health benefits and gains, plus you're much more likely to stick with your exercise plans for life rather than as a short term fad. A little something, something to think about hey!

Enjoy your day
Jessica Xx

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