Friday, 13 April 2012


So it's Friday the 13th. I'm freaking out. 
Not only is it a scary/unlucky day, but for me potentially even worse...I broke a mirror yesterday. Yes, you read it correctly...I broke a mirror. That's what? 7 years bad luck? As if I need that!!
So I'm treading on thin ice today, so nervous that I'll be hit by lightening or chased by a bull or maybe even poisoned by my seemingly nice housemates...Right now I believe anything could happen! 

I've decided a nice calm yoga class in central london may help the nerves finished off with a quick trip to Portobello Road for a bit of fashion stalking and then off to Wholefoods Market for dinner. I'm not sure who I think I am, but to hell with it, my student loan comes in Monday so I'll treat myself.

I shall report back later my lovelies.

What's your Friday plan?
Wish me luck. Please. I need it.


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