Friday, 30 March 2012

It may take your all

Good afternoon beautiful people.
It's a Friday, I'm motivated, got a new jumper on and I've taken time to make my spotty face (annoying) look semi-presentable! I also have my fave girl coming over to share sushi & wine tonight, so obviously everything will be great today. 

The only thing that's puzzling me is the ridic hype about the petrol. I haven't got any & I'm not worrying...ok maybe I should be now?! But, whatevs! It's not the end of the world!! Am I being too chilled about this?!
I also have my mommas birthday coming up so that gives me a massive excuse to bake a wonderful victoria sponge with lots of yummy strawberries & raspberries!! Weekend full of fun I guess!

Miley Cyrus - W.O.W doesn't she look stunning? I love the dress, hair & make-up. This look really suits her. She's slimmed down, not too much though, so she's beautifully curvy and petite! Plus she's dating the gorgeous, Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth!!
 I'm green eyed!! 

Just how beautiful is Olivia Palermo!! I'm not overly keen on the dress or the shoes but I adore her hair and make-up. I wish I had legs like hers!


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