Thursday, 28 June 2012

Most of us ain't Hollywood actors

I think it's time for a change.
Yes, I said it. I believe it. I mean it. I know it. (the list could go on). I haven't brought this decision on completely by myself, in fact I've had many wonderful people around me to help me make this huge decision. Some things have happened in the recent weeks that I wished had not happened but I can not live by regrets, nor can I turn back time so I may as well look to the future, live in the now and forget the bad that has recently been.

I came across this amazing site yesterday, just when I needed it the most. 
please read it, especially if you're needing a little 'pick-me-up'! 

I am ready to take on a new challenge. Whether this means I stay on the same path as I have been for years or diverting off in a different direction, who knows? This week I am preparing for lots of tears, upsets, arguments until I decide on a path I may be content with. I want to be an actress (and this will always stand) but right now, I need to focus on something a little more direct. I need to feel as though I am achieving something, getting somewhere and not feeling as lost as I've felt recently. Sometimes, when you are doing something so difficult such as trying to achieve a career as an actress, you can feel as though you take one step forward and another ten back. This, for me, right now isn't helping me in a personal way. I need to see some kind of progress, whether that's in a career sense, within a relationship or even just in myself, I just need to see it and feel it. Probably taking a while out of this harsh audition and rejection process I may gain something which I would never have gained if I didn't make this leap. I know, I will always want to do this. I want to be on stage, entertaining, performing, making people smile, laugh, cry...but maybe some time away will make it more possible than holding on in an unhealthy way. Plus, there's more to life. And the more of life I see, the better I will be in the end at this 'acting-thing'! Haha! But it's true, it isn't the end of me trying. It's just the beginning.



  1. Oh wow, this is a wonderful post and i read it all :) It's great you want to be an actress and i love your positive outlook on it. All you need to do is keep trying and be ready for rejection, you may not be right for some, but perfect for others, get yourself out there and good luck <3

    Lots of love,


    1. Oh thank-you so much my dear. You are very inspirational & supportive. I adore your blog & considering we seem to be passing paths with the london move and what not it would be fun to meet in London some time! Random suggestion but I think it'd be fun! haha :)

      Thank-you again sweetie,
      much love

  2. I sense the change in your words already!! :) I believe you have the good spirit and the determination to reach your goals! :)

    The words, from the link, does not have a Masonic spirit, it's like the New Thought Movement! So I'd say; never let anything in behind! And good luck! :)


    1. Haha thanks Joe, you're so encouraging!! I love that I know you'll be the first to check my blog updates, it's very sweet & supportive of you!!

      Yes the link was very inspiring, it was the first thing I found when I was having a bad day. It changed my thoughts completely!!!

      I hope uni work isn't too bad!!

      TC too :) Xx

    2. ^^ Always a pleasure!! I'm so glad to know that I could be part of your support!! And I hope you don't have bad days any more!!

      A bit late, but I'm doing OK! Thanks for asking!! Too kind of you! ;*

      Btw, I don't wait to check my e-mail to see if you had any blog's updates! I check it directly 2-4 times a day!! :D

      Please, don't worry about anything, just take the first step into your dreams, and we _those who care_ shall keep our support permanently!! ;)

      Joe :) Xx