Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Not only is she an incredible actress with a fierce future ahead of her, she is also one of the most stylish, fashionable 13 year olds I can think of! I was definitely not fashionable at thirteen, in fact I was so far from it I should not have been allowed out looking the way I did!!

As I am training to be an actress at the moment I am always watching films, television programs and theatre productions. I tend to fall in love with actors and actresses very quickly in the hopes of emulating their incredible performances! So most recently I am definitely crushing on the amazing Elle Fanning. Please let me be as good as her!!! 

Favourite film of hers recently would be Somewhere filmed by the amazing Sofia Coppola, who filmed one of my absolute favourite films: The Virgin Suicides!

She must get some wonderful fashion advice from her fashionista sister Dakota and their mum who did study something fashion-related!

She takes risks and doesn't wear what the typical thirteen year old would wear. She gets away with it & looks amazing!


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