Saturday, 14 July 2012

Andrew Gallimore explores the bright future of beauty.

My brother once again shocking the whole family with his quirky videos and pictures. Oh the joys of being a model! Scary video but the make-up is absolutely incredible. I want it done for a shoot!

I have recently worked at Nova Festival for an acting job for The Flicker Club which if you ask me was totally creepy as well. We all had to wear rabbit masks promoting Jan Svankmajer's 1988 film version of Alice in Wonderland. It was a strange job and we had to do it in the pouring rain and muddy fields but we had a lot of fun and got some really cool photographs.

Ok, so admittedly my brothers pictures are oh so cool and mine are just strange...but, hey ho!

What do you think?!


  1. Amazing Tom! WOW!! I really loved the diamond face!! You must be very proud of him! ;)

    Coming to the wonder look's of yours, my dear, with pretty nice style of Goth and magical Victorian look!!.. Well, my lady, where is the original link?!! ;D I think there would be interesting to see you acting such a style! Hope you enjoyed the strange experience! ;)

    I am proud of your progresses!! It's been busy days for you! :)

    Good luck! And keep things up! :)))


    1. I know he looks amazing doesn't he, I'm so proud!!
      Yeah the festival was called NOVA. It was a new festival this year, unfortunately the weather and organisation of the festival let it down, however, it has potential to be really quirky and upcoming.
      Thanks again Joe, love the support!!
      TC X

    2. Sure he is!! And you have all the right to be so proud of him!!
      Ow, I wish if things would have turn to the best next time! I love Alice and her wonderland! I hope to see you there some day soon! ;)
      No need for thanks, just keep up the good working! And you TC my dear! xoxo